Money Fun for Everyone (Even Kids!) How to Make Your Own Popsicle Stand

Here's a cute twist on the traditional summertime lemonade stand that young entrepreneurs and their parents should gravitate to: the refreshing popsicle stand! 

A more original version than the classic lemonade variety, a popsicle stand promises to be a sure-hit among customers, offering colorful, thirst-quenching frozen treats that appeal to any age. Easy enough to prepare within the kitchen using specially designed ice freeze bags, popsicles can be transferred to an ice chest and sold at the curbside of your home as an enjoyable lesson on money, responsibility, team effort and the joys of business success.

Interested in the idea? We've prepared a quick checklist to help you stay on course.

The Popsicle Stand: 5 Things to Know:

  • The Legal Stuff
    You may be surprised to know that in many states it is actually illegal even for a child to operate a stand. Before arranging things, research your local laws to see if a vendor's permit or other requirements are needed. If bylaw coordination and associated costs prove impractical or financially infeasible, you may want to set up a stand purely for the fun of it without monetary profit or offer popsicles for free with a suggested donation to charity
  • The Art of Popsicle Making
    You will want to make really good popsicles to get your name out there and win over customers. Learn how to make your own popsicles that look and taste great. Explore easy recipes using the basics or go exotic by experimenting with recipes. Use freezer bags that are designed to mold ices into a sleek shape. Once you have mastered this, you are ready to prepare an adequate number of popsicles to store in your freezer and be transferred for sale into your portable ice chest.
  • Setting Up Your Table
    Along with your ice chest loaded with the popsicles you are selling, you will need to set up a table. Any table, even a cardboard makeshift one that is sturdy enough to hold your envelope, container or money till for payment and change will do.
  • Creating Your Sign
    Think of a name for your stand, like Bob's Popsicle Stand, Popsicles for Sick Kid Charity, Cool Ices for Hot Days or any other title that fits. Use bold colored markers to print the name on your sign. List pricing for your popsicles. Then, tape the sign onto the front of your table. Make sure it is attractive and visible to those passing by.
  • Getting it all together
    You've worked so hard to pull your popsicles stand together. The Big Day has arrived. It's a hot summer afternoon. Your sign announces business is open. Your ice chest is filled with delicious cooling treats. You've got cash to hand over to customers that need change. Your smile is in place. Let the fun begin!

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