BSD Creations FroZip PureSip - Smoothie Pouch Bags with Gusset Bottom 100 Pieces with Funnel and Straws

  • - 3 Simple Steps: Fill - Freeze - Pop
  • - Bags are resealable & BPA Free
  • - Includes: 50 straws and Liquid Pour Funnel
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Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks, Healthy Smoothies, Protein Shakes, and Cocktails; anything you can imagine and more can be easily stored in the Smoothie Pouch Bags. 

They can hold both Cold and Hot Drinks, and they are made of non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate free materials, which means they are perfectly Safe!

The Resealable Zipper ensures that there are no leaking accidents, while the Stand-Up Gusset bottom allows you to place your drink on a table or a stand. What’s more, our pouches also feature Two Sets of Holes; one for holding their Straw and one for allowing you to Hang Them!

The set comes with 50 Fun and Colorful Straws, so that you can happily enjoy your drinks. Additionally, we have also included a practical Funnel, to ensure that you can effortlessly fill your bags with the beverage of your choice, without spilling a single drop!

FroZip PureSip bags are the perfect way to enjoy any beverage, anywhere!