BSD Creations and Frozip LLC: BSD creations is the proud full owner of the Frozip Brand and have created a great Smoothie Pouch line for customer to enjoy.

Changing On-The-Go Beverages Forever

FroZip is the revolutionary new way to enjoy homemade smoothies, ices, juices and everything else you can imagine, quickly and conveniently.


The FroZip Story

We started FroZip because like most people, we love making delicious, healthy smoothies, natural juices and ices at home. But, we really did not like the fact that we had to carry them around in annoying plastic bottles, thermoses and other containers that we had to bring with us the rest of the day.

So, we developed the perfect solution: disposable, BPA-free resealable beverage bags that make it easier than ever to enjoy our homemade concoctions anytime we want!

We started out as a small, private label that was selling to close friends and families. However, after the incredible response from people that couldn’t get enough of our DIY disposable Smoothie Bags and Ice Bags, we decided to take our product to the masses.

Within months, we were getting orders from people around the world who are amazed at how simple yet effective the FroZip makes on-the-go drinking. We’re proud to say that we have built a reputation as the leaders in disposable beverage and ice bags, and we continue to work hard to grow even further!


FroZip For Health

FroZip was originally a concept that came from the desire to live a healthier life by being able to drink our homemade smoothies, organic juices and nutritious frozen snacks anytime we wanted.

With no solution to carry our drinks with us easily and not wanting to spend $10 every day at an overpriced juice bar, we discovered that using a resealable bag would be a life-changing alternative.

Whether you just finished at the gym and are on your way to work, or you want to send your kids out for the day with healthy snacks that give them the nutrients they need for natural energy, the FroZip has you covered.

Plus, we only use USDA Certified Food Grade materials that are 100% freezer-friendly, BPA-free, Phthalates-free and non-toxic.


FroZip For Lifestyle

We love to be healthy, but we also love to unwind with a refreshing frozen cocktail on the weekend! Our FroZip DIY Ice Bags are the perfect way to turn your favorite adult beverage into a delicious adult popsicle.

Our customers love the way that they can blend up a nice batch of Margaritas, Daiquiris, Pina Coladas or anything else in their kitchen. Use the FroZip funnel to fill up the resealable ice bags and throw them in the freezer for a few hours.

The result? The perfect, ice cold alcoholic popsicle that always gets rave reviews at parties, BBQs, festivals and everything else you can imagine.


FroZip for Caterers, Events and Hospitality

Although the FroZip started out as an idea for homemade beverages, it quickly became the favorite way for restaurants, bars, event planners, catering companies, hotels and everybody else in the hospitality industry to offer their clients something exciting and innovative.

Everybody’s had a drink in a glass, a cheap plastic cup and all sorts of gimmicky-tubes.

The FroZip offers something that is not only unique, but extremely functional in any situation.

Coming with a supply of colorful straws that fit in the strawhole, a Gusset bottom that lets them stand effortlessly and even a ring for hanging, you can impress your guests with frozen concoctions in a way they have never seen before!

We are always looking for new hospitality partners that are looking to incorporate the FroZip into their offerings and of course, we offer bulk discounts for you!


A Commitment to Client Satisfaction

We grew the FroZip from a local business to a worldwide sensation through hard work, innovative and most of all, a dedication to leaving our customers satisfied with every FroZip we deliver.

From the moment that you contact us until the day all of your FroZips are finished, we truly care about your customer experience. We will answer all your questions, provide the best customer service, offer fast delivery and make sure that our products are of the highest standard.

If you ever have any issues with a FroZip Smoothie Bag or Ice Bag, simply let us know and we will do whatever we can to make it right!