Eleven Fun Facts about Popsicles

It was a cold winter day in San Fransisco back in 1905 when history was in the making for a novel treat. Eleven-year-old Frank Epperson forgot about the lemon drink he had prepared for himself. Left on the porch overnight with the stirring stick left inside the glass, the lemonade became frozen solid. When Frank tugged at the stick the next morning, out came a surprising frozen delight that Frank could lick: the first documented Popsicle!

Did You Know? All About Ice Pops...

  1. It was originally dubbed the Epsicle, after its young inventor, then patented as a "popsicle" - a merge of 'pop' and 'icicle'
  2. It was popularized following its 1922 debut at a firefighters reception in Oakland, CA
  3. In the US, a popsicle is also known as a freezer pop, freeze pop, or simply ices
  4. People in the UK or Ireland also call it ice lolly; those in Mexico call it Paleta
  5. Australians know it as an ice pop or icy pole and New Zealanders call it an ice block
  6. The frozen treat without the stick is referred to as a freezie
  7. Alcoholic beverage freeze pops have recently become popular for adults
  8. In 1997, the Dutch 21-foot ice pop edifice made it to the Guinness World Records
  9. On a hot summer day in 2005. Snapple failed miserably at its attempt to break the Guinness record by transporting its 25-foot ice pop from Edison, NJ to NY City: the ice melted while still on the truck!
  10. Creating homemade freeze pops are gaining momentum as more and more enthusiasts are introduced to the joys of preparing popsicles with their own choice of flavors, ingredients and healthful options

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