How to Keep Your Child Hydrated This Summer

Summertime and kids naturally seem to go together. Despite the carefree undertone, summer with its high temperatures can carry marked risks, including the danger of dehydration and overheating.

What makes children more vulnerable than the rest of us are a number of factors.


  • sweat less than adults
  • generate more heat when active
  • tend to disregard feelings of thirst
  • depend on others for drinks

Though water may be the recommended choice of hydration, getting your child to drink enough of it at regular intervals is another matter. In light of all the tempting unhealthy sugary options around, the challenge may seem daunting.

Both pediatricians and nutritionists tell parents and caregivers to use creativity along with some old fashioned fun to win this battle.

Enticing ideas consist of offering crazy straws, water infused with real pieces of fruit, as well as juice mixtures and any other health-inspired colorful drinks, they say.

Then there's the never-fail popsicle or ice pop that youngsters can't seem to refuse.

Avoid the store-bought variety with additives, artificial colors and too much sugar. Instead, make your own healthful version along the same vein suggested above. Use fruit, veggies, spices, yogurt - even chilled soup - or any other wholesome combination and watch stiff resistance to your efforts melt away. Your child will enjoy the icy deliciousness that helps keep him or her safely hydrated throughout the wonder and heat of the summer months - and beyond.

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